Becoming the ultimate flock-star: Jokgu's road to fame

Germantown chicken's video of playing the piano goes viral

GERMANTOWN, Md. - When it comes to animal YouTube sensations, cats seem to hog all the attention.
But, one Germantown chicken is clucking her way to the top.
20-month-old Jokgu has earned millions of views on YouTube, playing songs on various instruments, like “America the Beautiful” and “Heart and Soul.”
Earlier this month, she even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Jokgu is one of nine chickens trained by their owners Shannon Myers and Seiree Arii.
They said, at first, they got chickens for their garden, but the chicks won over their hearts and quickly became more like pets.
"If they get bored, they turn on each other,” said Shannon Myers, chicken owner. “So, we wanted to keep them entertained and noticed they enjoyed ringing bells. We created other little toys for them."
You can check out more of these flock-stars' performances on YouTube and Facebook.

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