Cicadas are making an early appearance in Maryland

Experts say people have a few years before a large cicada outbreak

FREDERICK, Md. - Many are concerned that one of the loudest living organisms on the planet is making a come back to certain parts of Maryland, but local experts in Frederick urge people not to worry just yet.

Although cicadas are in much smaller numbers than what you would typically see during a periodic outbreak, many are still concerned about the recent sightings of them.

"We have 13 and 17 year broods those are the most famous ones. We actually have broods as well that emerge, but the thirteen and seventeen year broods get a lot of press because when they do emerge, they emerge in the highest numbers" says April Boulton, Hood College Dean and Entomologist.

An annual cicada outbreak is more of a seasonal appearance, but during a periodic outbreak, you can see up to one and a half million cicadas per acre. Cicadas are harmless but people aren’t too excited for their return.

Experts say cicadas usually hang around smaller or fruit trees.

Some areas in Maryland are seeing larger numbers than others. For instance, its been reported that a higher number of cicadas are spotted in Montgomery County versus Frederick County.

"Entomologist think that this is an early emergence of brood 10, which is actually due to emerge in swarm fashion and outbreak fashion in 2021" says Boulton.

Experts highly doubt the big emergence of millions is near. Entomologists say you can protect your plants or trees with gardening mesh to keep cicadas away.


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