Two controversial statues are relocating in Frederick

People gather outside of Frederick City Hall to witness statue removal

FREDERICK, Md. - Two controversial statues from Frederick City Hall are being relocated.

The statues of the U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roger Brooke Taney and Maryland’s first governor and slave owner, Thomas Johnson, is being removed from the front of the city hall to Mount Olivet Cemetery in Frederick, Maryland.

"When we brought it to the board, it was a unanimous decision so yes I see a massive difference between now and 20 years ago when I first heard of this controversy the first time I ran" says Frederick City Alderwoman, Donna Kuzemchak.

Taney made the 1857 Dred Scott decision to affirm slavery and many Maryland residents found it offensive so they fought to have it removed.

"It had to go, one way or the other, it really had to go because it was just like it was a cancer, that’s what it was to me" says Betty Bowie, Frederick resident.

So far, there are no plans on what will replace these statues but there will be discussions on how the city will move forward.

"They are putting them in storage right now to get the foundations and get the area laid out and get the foundations in there’s a lot of ground work that has to be done” says Owner of R.S. Kinnaird Memorials, John Kinnaird.

The opposing side argued that removing the statue was like taking down a part of history. The Historic Preservation Commission did approve the relocation of both statues. 

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