Council members agree on 2018 budget

The budget will go into effect July 1

ROCKVILLE, Md. - Thursday, Montgomery County Council members unanimously agreed on the fiscal year 2018 budget that emphasizes education, transportation and public safety. 

Montgomery County's fiscal year 2018 budget includes $5.4 billion of services and grants. About half of the budget is allocated towards education.

Another major aspect of the budget is for transportation. The council has been working on public transit, particularly on Route 29.

After working on the budget for several months, council members all agreed that the process for adopting the budget went well. 

"I'm really pleased with the budget. I think it's a strong budget. The executive gave us a good foundation to build from. We took that and improved it and I'm really pleased with the outcome," said council member, Hans Riemer.

Council members also increased the public safety budget and made room for more than a dozen new police officers. 

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