A local woman is using science for professional development

Social phobia can prevent development

FREDERICK, Md. - It's not uncommon for professionals to feel as though they have hit a wall or a barrier to their professional growth.

That's why one woman is changing the way you can overcome these obstacles with science.

"I've seen significant results by using science and by understanding people, I understand personalities and I understand what you need to succeed for the future needs” says Catherine Barton, Owner of Future Thinking Consulting.

Barton has a unique way of using science in helping professionals break down barriers to grow professionally.

Her first client was pretty close to home, her husband, and shares how the science method helped him succeed.

"She uses scientific analysis through qualitative and quantitative analysis to gather the information, she speaks to people, the organization as a whole, and she works through to find out where the problem lies if any" says Dwight Barton, Senior Network Engineer.

One of the problems Barton sees most is social phobiaalong with other social issues that may prevent professionals from moving forward in the work environment.

"Its important because it deals with peoples passions and its significant because its their dream" says Catherine.

The ultimate mission is helping people of all ages and backgrounds to reach their full potential in the work force. For people experiencing social phobia Barton tells people to believe in themselves and to avoid critical thinking and negative thoughts. 

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