New healing space for warriors is the Green Road Project

Two acres of woods sit in the middle of naval base, serve as place of solace

BETHESDA, Md. - "Looking up at these towering trees, I am overcome with the feeling of being blessed,” Dr. Frederick Foote, founder of the Green Road Project, read from a collection of notes from service members battling PTSD.

Two acres of green sit in the middle of a naval base in Bethesda.

"It's just a simple place, without a lot of direction, where you can be with your thoughts and memories in a place that will tell you all is not trauma,” said Foote.

After six years and several million dollars, the Green Road Project has come to fruition, welcoming anyone on NSAB, which is home to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

This cove of serenity is based on four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Next month, researchers will begin measuring the Green Road Project's healing effects on PTSD, something that very few scientific studies have examined, according to the Institute for Integrative Health.

"Holistic medicine has a lot of very important treatments that treat your whole body at once instead of just one organ,” said Foote.

One army combat veteran, diagnosed with PTSD, said that while doctors and physical therapists can heal your body, they can't heal your soul.

"In order to heal the soul, you have to reflect. You have to have that time, and this gives the warrior that time and that place to go,” said Aaron Julian, veteran spokesperson for Institute for Integrative Health.

The space also serves as a memorial.

"I actually just placed a stone here today for a childhood friend that I just lost, so it's part of the healing,” said Julian.

The ultimate goal for Dr. Foote and Julian, is to see healing centers like this, across the country.

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