"Piano-basketball playing Navy veteran" wins over hearts of Montgomery County

Patrick Smith named MDJUCO player of the year

ROCKVILLE, Md. - This year's MDJUCO player of the year, Patrick Smith, came onto basketball quite differently, compared to most student-stars.

Before Montgomery College, Patrick's only experience in the sport was from the Boy's and Girl's Club as a kid and pick-up games he participated in while enlisted as a fire control technician in the U.S. Navy.

"Sometimes I don't believe that because I see his skills and I see things that are gifts that you really have to coach for a lifetime,” said Coach Keith Byrd, Montgomery College's Men's Basketball Team.  “He's really had those qualities since day one."

His skills aren't limited to running circles around opponents on the court, he can run some serious voice and piano scales too.

Patrick will be transferring from MC to Mercy Hearst, where he will be studying music education.

"It all started from my brother not going to his piano lessons, and us just having a piano in the house and me just banging on it,” said Smith.

And this piano-basketball playing Navy veteran says his interests are actually all interconnected.

"A lot of my experiences in life has involved teamwork, just the journey that I've walked has required me to work with a lot of people, and I enjoy it,” said Smith.


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