#FindUsFridays: Gaithersburg residents celebrate Bike to Work Day

Thousands took part in the day of cycling from all across the region

GAITHERSBURG, Md. - Gaithersburg residents biked to work Friday as part of Bike to Work Day. 
The city held a Pit Stop at the corner of Orchard Ridge Drive and Great Seneca Highway. It was one of 85 pit stops in the Metro-Washington, D.C. area.
Officials confirmed they had more than 100 people register ahead of time. 
"Some people chose to bike to work instead of making their typical drive, while others do this on a regular basis," Joseph Allen, Chair, Transportation Committee, Ccity of Gaithersburg, said. "Just a few people making this change can have a big impact on traffic." 
"A study a couple of years ago said that [there are] only two percent of people doing something different. [Telecommuting], biking or taking the bus really makes a difference in making free flow traffic," Allen said. 
Friday's Pit Stop event was from 7 to 9 a.m.

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