Sniper argues for shorter prison sentence

Malvo and partner John Allen Muhammad shot 13 strangers in 2002

Montgomery County, Md. - One of the DMV’s most infamous murderers is making a move towards eventual freedom.

Lawyers for Lee Boyd Malvo are now arguing that the convicted D.C. sniper should be given an opportunity to win a new prison sentence that would give him a chance at eventually being paroled.

Over 21 days in October 2002, Malvo and his partner John Allen Muhammad shot thirteen strangers, killing ten of them in attacks across the Washington D.C. and Maryland area.

The older Muhammad was executed by lethal injection in November 2009.

Malvo was convicted of 6 murders in Montgomery County and is currently serving a life sentence without parole.

"If he can show remorse for the things that he did then he might deserve the opportunity to get a second chance,” said Montgomery County resident Michael Martinez.

Malvo was just 17 years old when he was first arrested for his crimes.

He is now 32 years of age.

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