Inside The PGA: The Traveling Equipment Shop

- At Oak Hill you will find a parking lot full of trucks. Each one represents a different company like Nike or Taylormade. Inside them, you will see employees busy working.

They look like trailers from the outisde, but inside they are full service equipment shops. When the pro-golfers need something repaired, it is all right on-site.

"Whatever they are looking for, if they are looking for rescues; every possible head in this truck if we need to build a player, anything we need to," someone said.

Besides repairing the equipment, companies make sure the golfers have the latest and newest gear.

"This week we have the new driver from Taylormade, so a lot of guys haven't seen this driver yet so we are doing a lot of work getting all of our guys to the new driver this week," he said.

During the practice rounds, it is not uncommon to see one of the pros inside the trucks.

"We just had Sergio in here. We just did a whole new set of grips for Sergio. His grips were a little bit fat so we thinned them down a little bit," he said.

Since the PGA championship at Oak Hill is a major, pros get some special perks.

"We have special major bags. The Taylormade. We have special hats and headcovers so the players love to get that and they feel important being able to get here and get a special bag.

The trailers are only allowed to be here for the practice rounds so the companies will pack up Wednesday night. Taylormade's next stop is Greensboro, North Carolina.

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