Fatal Inwood Fire Investigation Continues

- INWOOD, Wv. - Neighbors at Wiltshire Mobile Home Park are speechless, still trying to understand the fatal fire that took the life of one man and burned his sister.

Community members recall hearing a lady scream "help" and "my brother is dead on the porch" but by the time locals and firefighters were able to get pass the piles of clothes and collected items in the home, it was too late.

"To stand outside of a burning house with someone on the inside knowing that they're inside and you can't find a way to get in is a scary feeling," said Brian Leonard, a resident at Wiltshire Mobile Home.

Officials say it took three and a half hours to fight the flames. The mountains of assorted possessions and the lack of access to the home located on a narrow road made it difficult for firefighters to suppress the flames.

"Access to the structure was very limited. Firefighters had to work their way through brush and trees a lot of different obstacles with the house itself," said George Harms, Assistant State Fire Marshal with the West Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office.

Outdated toys, mattresses and at least 10 cars were a few of the items squeezed into the confines of the home. Neighbors who have lived in the area for years say they recall the brother and sister who lived in their home for 25 years, collecting random items.

"Since I was young I remember...seeing cans in the window and trailers surrounding the house and just very creepy looking," said Daisy Schaffer, a resident at Wiltshire Mobile Home Park.

Officials say they are still in the early phases, but they will be considering all leads as the investigation continues.

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