Is the Weather Making You Sick?

The weather has been up and down all over the country with some unseasonably hot days, followed by cold days and then warm days in between.  At the same time lots of people are experiencing the first colds of the fall season.  Funny, I continue to hear the reason I am sick is this weather, hot and cold, up and down, just makes you sick!

But, I am sure that you really do know that the weather change does not make you sick.  That seems to be a long-standing old wives tale that my grandmother used to tell us as well. She would also say, don't go to bed with a wet head or you will catch a cold.

The change in weather does not cause illness. It may mess up your wardrobe choices, or cause a last minute change in birthday plans when your outdoor party is moved indoors due to a 30 degree drop in temperature, but it will not cause an illness. 

The truth is that viruses live better in cooler weather. Children are spending more time in together in a classroom sharing knowledge and germs. As the weather turns cooler, wetter and gloomier, we all tend to move from outdoor activities to indoor activities. The combination of all of these factors suddenly converge and viral upper respiratory season arrives. 

Bottom line:  it is not the change in weather that is making you catch a cold, but rather the usual respiratory viruses that are back as the seasons change.  It is just the beginning of the cold season, so despite ups and downs with temperatures, the best protection is not a coat, but rather good hand washing and covering those mouths when you cough. Personally, I love this weather; every day is different!    

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