Kids and E Coli

Are you and your kids planning to cool off in a pool this summer?

Beware...the Center for Disease Control and Prevention wants you to know about the hidden dangers that may be lurking in the water.
The CDC released new findings based on a study conducted over last summer.  Here's what they found: E coli bacteria was found in 58% of samples collected from filters at public pools. This finding means that fecal matter is in the pool water.

This high percentage of E coli is present because swimmer's do not shower thoroughly before they get into the water.

What can you do to prevent any infections? 

-Shower with soap and water before swimming
-have your kids take bathroom breaks every hour
-wash your hands with soap after using the bathroom or changing diapers
-do not swallow the water you swim in

Chlorine and other disinfectants do not kill germs instantly that is why you need to protect yourself and your kids before anyone jumps into the pool.  And don't forget the sunscreen!

I'm Dr. Sue with TKD helping parents take charge.

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