Kids & Bullying

Every day, thousands of children wake up every morning afraid to go to school. Bullying has become an overwhelming problem among children and the number of kids being bullied continues to rise. Parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba says "We are not putting the pause button on stopping that aggressive behavior earlier so it continues to rise and our kids continue to use it later on". As parents we know our kids will not openly say they are being bullied. What are the tell tale signs to look for? Unexplained bruises, clingy behavior, withdrawing from friends, a text or email that makes them agitated or emotionally uncomfortable. Dr. Borba also notes sexual harassment is a form of bullying where child hears homophobic types of slurs or his or her sexual nature. School administrators, teachers and parents need to intervene and put a stop to this now! "We need a safe school environment that kids know when you walk on that campus they have an anti bullying policy know what we stand for and we are not tolerating anything less than compassion or respect" Dr. Borba added. Be a stakeholder and get involved. If your child's school does not have an anti-bullying policy in place, lobby to get one now. No child should go to school tomorrow in fear. I'm Dr. Sue with TKD helping parents take charge.

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