Latest Trends In Back to School Styles

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Summer is almost to an end, meaning some people may be doing some back-to-school shopping, and now is the right time to get low prices on the newest trends.

Companies markdown a lot of their merchandise during August to make room for new collections in the fall.

With deals in mind, there are some affordable trends to get for your kids before they head back to school.

"Sometimes I like a picture with a lizard or other pictures like dragons. I'm also into Star Wars," says fourth grader Jackson Crouse.

"During school most people wear jeans or skinny jeans and high heels and a tight shirt, or flare-out shirt," says high schooler Miranda Serrata.

But you don't have to break the bank to be in style. Skinny jeans start at about $20 at most stores. Leggings are also a big hit, costing about $10.

Businesses are advertising a lot of Bo-Go deals right now, where you can get a second item at a discounted price.

While leggings are the new rage, so are jeggings, leggings that look like jeans, and cost $20 at Aldo.

Another affordable hit are Silly Bandz. It's hard to find a store that doesn't have them for sale. A 20 pack of Silly Bandz goes for only $5.

"They're fun to play with and they glow in the dark," says Serrata.

With these tips, your kids can start the school year in style, without leaving a hole in your wallet.

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