LaVale Doctor's License Suspended After Charged with Sexually Assaulting Patient

- ALLEGANY COUNTY, Md. - A 59-year-old doctor who worked in LaVale had his license suspended Thursday by the Maryland Board of Physicians after he was charged with sexually assaulting one of his patients while at work. 

Officials say well before the current actions that led to his suspension, Dr. William T. Dando pleaded guilty in 1987 to burglary and sexual assault with the threat of a deadly weapon in Florida, and had been incarcerated for approximately four years of a 10-year sentence. 

Members say Dando's license history in Maryland raises serious questions for the Maryland Board of Physicians, including what the Board of staff and Board members were aware of regarding his criminal history, how the Board considered this information, and the role of the physician rehabilitation program that he participated in. 

The Maryland Board of Physicians have asked the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to investigate these matters and make recommendations to strengthen patient protection in Maryland. They say the Inspector General will report its findings to the Board and the Department. 

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