Bill Would Include School Supplies in Tax-Free Week

- ANNAPOLIS, Md. - You could be able to buy school supplies costing up to $100 each during Maryland's tax-free week if a bill passes in the Maryland General Assembly.

Delegate Patrick Hogan is sponsoring the bill, and it has 28 co-sponsors.

"So many schools now have list of items that the children need to go out and buy before school starts, and teachers have to do it as well. That can really add up, so the idea is to just try to save parents and save teachers some money when they're doing back-to-school shopping,” said Hogan, (R) -Frederick County.

Currently, clothing and footwear are including in Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week, but school supplies are not.

"With the economy that we're still facing, we've come along way, but there's still people struggling out there,” Hogan said. “This is a bill that I think can save them some money when they're going back-to-school shopping. They won't have to spend as much."

The tax-free week starts the second Sunday in August, and Hogan thinks this would be the perfect time for people to get
their back-to-shopping shopping done without having to pay sales tax.

"Tax-free week is set up to occur right before school starts, and it's sort of built and advertises it as back-to-school shopping break on the sales tax,” Hogan said. “That's why I think some parents who see it built up as that, they go and shop, and they're sort of surprised that school supplies aren't included."

You can read the bill by clicking here.

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