Chambersburg, Shippensburg Mayoral Candidates React After Polls Close


FRANKLIN COUNTYPa.— After a long day trying to get last minute votes at polls, the candidates for mayor in Chambersburg and Shippensburg are reacting to initial voting results.

It appears Darren Brown will be the mayor in Chambersburg and incumbent Bruce Hockersmith will be the mayor in Shippensburg.

"The results are a little closer than I thought they'd be," said Chambersburg Mayor-Elect Darren Brown, who appears to have won by about 52 percent of the vote.

Earlier on election day, Brown said he wanted to focus on the relationship between the mayor and police in Chambersburg if elected. As voting winded down, he told us he was full of anticipation the entire day, but felt ready to take on the job of mayor.

"[I’m] ecstatic and very thankful,” said Brown. “And ready to take on the job at hand."

Meanwhile in Shippensburg, incumbent Bruce Hockersmith appears to have won the race for mayor with 59 percent of the vote.

"It feels pretty darn good" to win, said Hockersmith, adding that he could not have done it without the people of Chambersburg and their support. “Shippensburg has been so good to me over the years and I’m thankful for them supporting me.”

Hockersmith says he will use his 12 years of experience as mayor to focus on adapting to the town's rapid economic growth.

"We have businesses come and go, we need some stability there. We have traffic problems that are developing and increasing," said Hockersmith.

Although they did not come out on top this election, Shippensburg mayoral candidate Frank Cressler and Chambersburg candidate Pete Lagiovane say they also want to thank voters for their support.

"We owe a tremendous amount of thanks to everybody who worked for our campaign," said Lagiovane.

All candidates say they are committed to their communities and will not give up on their goals for the town no matter who is mayor.

"Regardless of the outcome of this election I think if we pull together as a community, we can have a more vibrant downtown,” said Cressler.

Despite their differences, all candidates say their first priority is making sure the people in their town are well served.

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