Election Day in Frederick to Bring New Mayor

- FREDERICK, Md. - The big day has come for candidates and voters in Frederick as a new Mayor and Board of Aldermen will be elected. 

WHAG's Dawn White was in Frederick outside the William Talley Rec Center Tuesday, and saw a steady stream of voters coming through the doors. White got to meet up with the three candidates for Mayor, who told her they hope their hard work will pay off at the polls. 

The three candidates for Frederick Mayor spent the day signing, waving and greeting voters as they left the pools. They say a feeling of excitement fills the air, as the clock winds down on their campaigns. 

"I'm feeling really good today, really good. I'm getting a positive response. As late as 11:30 last night people were emailing me saying, 'I'm undecided. What's your position on the issues?'" said Karen Young, (D) - Mayoral Candidate. 

"I feel really calm because people are really embracing the idea of a third party candidate, an Independent candidate, who is willing to speak for Frederick not a political party," said Jennifer Dougherty, (I) - Mayoral Candidate. 

"I'm glad it's here. I'm glad that we got to the point where the citizens can get out and do their thing. It's what we've been trying to do, to get the message out all this time," said Randy McClement, (R) - Mayoral Candidate, Incumbent. 

The candidates spent the final hours of their campaigns making their presence known, while a steady stream of voters made their voices known at the polls. The candidates say they've spent hundreds of hours working hard, going door to door, to get ready for Election Day. 

"The feeling is fantastic. We've done a lot of hard work. We've done a lot of leg work, particularly in the last week reminding people where to vote," said Dougherty. 

"When today is over I will feel really good about the fact that I have run a strong campaign," said Young. 

"I feel confident. We've worked hard, the campaign has worked hard. We've done a lot of talking to a lot of people, and I think it's going to come out positive," said McClement. 

The candidates will soon know if their predictions become a reality when the polls close and results begin coming in. Polls in Frederick will stay open until 8 p.m. Tuesday evening. The results will then go to City Hall, where a new Mayor will be announced. 

Independent Candidate Jennifer Dougherty severed as Mayor from 2002 through 2006, Democratic Candidate Karen Young currently serves as an Alderman and Republican Candidate Randy McClement is the incumbent. 

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