Morgan County School Levy Passes


BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - There were several big races during the Morgan County Primary electionsTuesday night, but it was the fate of the school levy that most residents were waiting for.

It was a close race but the levy passed with 54 percent of the vote. It's a decision that made many residents happy. 

"I think it makes a real statement about this community. This community is pro-school, this community is pro-kids and this community is moving forward, and not going back," said Kate Stotler, school levy supporter.

"There was such a grassroots movement by the community to get out there and say hey this is important. We're going to advance education in our community, we're not going to set it on the back burner," said Tom Shade, school levy supporter.

When the levy failed last year, some residents say it was related to voter turnout. They said it's a factor that changed this time around.

"They rose to the occasion," said Stotler. "They knew they wanted their schools to be good, they knew they wanted a good successful future for their kids and a healthy community and that's what this is all about."

Three of the 13 precincts voted against the levy, something that supporters expected. 

"But it was a turnaround from the last election we lost by 300 some votes the last time and we won by just under 400 votes this time around. But we expected it to be close," said Shade. 

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