Local Businesses Prepare for PGA

Tens of thousands of golf fans are making their way to Pittsford's Oak Hill Country Club for the 95th PGA Championship in August.
But the excitement goes beyond the course. Area businesses are also preparing.

With the PGA weeks away, Pittsford will be hosting people from all over the world, and restaurants and merchants are ready to cash in.

"A lot of spectators fly in for this. Wealthy spectators. That is our clientele," said Robert Ament of Jembetat Gallery.

At the gallery, you can find jewelry, art, espresso and even gelato. The PGA Championship means big business  for Pittsford.
That's why he's been preparing for months.

"We are always open early and late from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. We are going to have extra staff on. We are ready for it. We have all the new stock in. The new pieces just came in from Barcelona," said Ament.

Outside of Jembetat Gallery & Cafe, you'll find Thomas Axx. He's the captain for the Sam Patch Packet Boat cruise that goes along the Erie Canal.

"Three cruises a day. We go out at 12, 2 and 4. Our cruises are 90 minutes, and we are one of the only boats on the canal that goes through a lock on every cruise," said Captain Thomas Axx.

Captain Axx expects a full boat for the entire week of the PGA.

"We welcome them aboard. We stand out here and encourage them to come take a ride on one of the historic waterways in New York," said Axx.

Then there's the Village Coal Tower Restaurant. A popular place for breakfast. The PGA means a lot of chaos, but chaos that employees say they can handle.
The goal is to make sure customers can get in and out as quickly as possible.

"Atleast the employee cars where we can park them, free up 40 more spots, maybe parking somewhere else, and getting some kind of golf cart and bringing people in. That's in the works though. They are still working on that," said Cindy Cologgi.

"It's going to be a fun time. It's our little Mardi Gras in Pittsford. Everybody is going to be excited and hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will all have a good time," said Ament.

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