Local Cinema Set To Close, Residents Upset

- FROSTBURG, Md. - The only Frostburg cinema is going out of business and many people in the community are upset, and some are signing petitions to keep it.  

Frostburg Cinemas 123 has been what some are calling a second home to many residents since the 1980's. However, RC Theater owns Frostburg Cinemas and is closing it down Sunday, August 17.

Anne Rummel, general manager of the cinema, said it's heartbreaking to hear the news and it came as a shock to everyone.
"I mean, this place is our home. This is where we always are, we're here even if we're not working," Rummel said. "[RC Theater told me] we were going to play two shows and the last show he would come in and take everything out and he told me that he wasn't going to tell us that he was going to shut us down, but he felt bad because we love the theater so much."

Angela Griffith, a community member and part-owner in the new business opening right beside the theater, said it'll be sad to watch it go.

"My hope that somehow they can keep this one running right here, its a small theater so it would be nicer to be a little larger, but to us that's a plus," Griffith said.  

"It makes me sad, it's a terrible thing, this is such a great place to bring your family and it's a terrible thing that's happening in our community," another community member, Megan Connor, said.

Rummel's mother, Karen Aherne, worked for the theater for 11 years before passing on the general managers title to her and said she had to choke back tears when she heard the news.

"Closing down a theater is always a business decision. We are not a multiplex, we aren't making millions of dollars each year but I think it's a terrible decision. We're a community theater, my children literally grew up in this theater. This is a second home to them and it's second home to a lot of the kids in this town," Aherne said.

Rummel said she contacted "Movie Heroes", a company that saves theaters going out of business, but has not heard word yet, even though there's more than 1,000 signatures on a petition to keep the cinema open. 

Though Rummel said the cinema has experienced losses it's also been profiting for the past few months.

Frostburg's City Administrator, John Kirby, said the theater is community based and loved by many.

"Nobody wants to lose anything. No retail venue whether it's a restaurant, a store, or a theater is something we'd never want to see leave town," Kirby said.

RC Theaters have been contacted by WHAG and there has been no comment.

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