Local Nonprofit Create Back to School Packages


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - From notebooks to crayons, volunteers of all ages packed back to school essentials for a special cause.

Since 1998, Children In Need, Inc., a local non-profit has put together these school supply packages and it helps low income families in the area. It's a project many volunteers say is all about the kids.

"Everyone's passionate about one specific title and that's helping the kids in the neighborhoods and in our area cause there's so much need out there that we're not aware of. I had no idea the breath of what of was needed you know until I became a part of this group," said Joe Hamilton, Kohl's Care.

"Some other schools don't because sometimes they can't afford it this will give families in need school supplies," said Brady Doctrow, volunteer.

And for the past three years, children in need has received additional support from the Kohl's Cares program.

Throughout the summer, Children In Need, Inc. will pack 1,000 school supply packages and help nearly 900 families across Washington County.

Community members said it's an effort they hope financially helps parents and keeps students engaged.

"We want them to be happy in school and stay there to graduation and beyond hopefully. But if we get them through graduation, they are more likely to have a better life and a better future," said Ann Martin, Director of Children In Need, Inc.

And with each package made, some volunteers said it's one small way to pay it forward.

"If you have an opportunity to pay something forward or give back to our communities the feel you get is just tremendous so I do it for that and it's just a great feeling," said Hamilton.

Children In Need will distribute these back to school packages on August 1st to the beginning of school and again in January 2015.  

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