Local Pageant Crowns Wrong Winner

JEFFERSON COUNTY, WV - Raven Lamp is a high school teenager who has been dancing since the age of three, has a passion for elementary education and just weeks ago was crowned Miss Jefferson County.

"I was very excited at the end when I was announced the winner, and I was just very kind of surprised," says Lamp.

The surprise didn't end there. Two weeks later, the Executive Director of the Shenandoah Scholarship Pageant paid a visit to her home with devastating news.

"I never in a million years thought she was going to say what she had to tell us," says Lamp's mother, Kim Carter.

Turns out Lamp was actually not the winner, but the 2nd Runner Up. The organization realized a mistake had been made while transferring judges' scores to the computer.

"My daughter graciously got up and went to her room and brought her the crown out and said this is yours it belongs to someone else," says Carter. "There was some tears."

The Shenandoah Scholarship Organization said in a statement:
"This was a very rare occurrence. First time in 30 years. One we have not taken lightly and has weighed heavy on our hearts. We will continue to do the right thing as it pertains to the Miss America Organization scoring process and take every precaution to ensure it never happens again."
Donna Custer
Executive Director
"On social networking I had to go and take all that down and I go to school with high schoolers," says Lamp, "So of course they're going to question it and be like 'oh, what happened? I thought you were the winner? Oh well I guess you're not.'"

Lamp didn't let that bring her down and decided to also compete in the Miss Berkeley County Pageant on Saturday.

"I wouldn't let not winning or not placing push you down because no matter what you can always go out there and do another pageant or go out there and change something up and just always have fun with it," says Lamp.

The Scholarship Organization says the mistake has been corrected.

Lamp will still receive the scholarship money she was promised this fall when she attends West Virginia University.

The actual winner is Makayla Lewis. She was crowned 2013's Miss Jefferson County. Lamp says she already congratulated Lewis and there are no hard feelings.

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