Man Accused of Shooting Son to Death Found Not Guilty

CHAMBERSBURG, PA -  Jerry Rowe was charged with third-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter after his son Nathaniel Rowe was shot to death.

After an hour and a half of deliberating the jury found Jerry Rowe not guilty of any of the charges.

He was charged with third degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter.

During the closing arguments the defense attorney reminded the jury of testimony from members of the community as they said Rowe was a trustworthy person and a family man.

Meanwhile the prosecution told the jury Rowe had extensive knowledge of guns from being an avid hunter and from being in the military and that the death of Nathaniel was no accident.

Both attorneys mentioned Rowe's suicide attempt when police showed up at his house after the shooting, but they left it up to the jury to decide whether he tried to commit suicide out of guilt or fear.

"The jury understood and got to know Jerry Rowe and got to know Nathaniel," says David Breschi, Jerry Rowe's defense attorney. "We showed the jury the struggles he had with  drugs and the violence ultimately when he started doing cocaine, was a disaster."

The Rowe family was overcome with happiness when they heard the verdict and embraced each other in and outside the courtroom.

Rowe's attorney says his client hopes to get his position back at the target distribution center in Chambersburg.

The Rowe family was very emotional and did not want to go on camera.

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