Maryland Theatre Expands Space for Drinking during "Wind Down"


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The Maryland Theatre's Wind Down events are back and this year they are giving people more space to relax and drink.

"What we have asked the liquor board for is an expanded area so attendees won’t just be limited to the Maryland Theatre courtyard," said Jessica Green, executive director for the Maryland Theatre. "We will have the band in the street, as we have had in the past, but they will be able to walk up and down the first block of South Potomac Street and enjoy kid’s activities, vendors, artists and food from our local restaurants."

It's part of the theatre's effort to revamp the event. Police say this expansion shouldn't stop it from going as smooth as previous years.

"We are not concerned with people drinking too much or having any of those issues, because it is only for three hours," Captain Paul Kifer with the Hagerstown Police Department.

The blocked off section will be from Barbara Ingram School for the Arts to Flying Pie Company. Police want people to remember that normal state alcohol restrictions will be applied.

“The state law is that you can't go into a restaurant with an open container and you cant walk out with an open container, that's why the Maryland Theatre will be supplying all of the beer to walk around in the event," said Captain Kifer.

"It is free entry to come into the festival, but you would just purchase a wind down cup for $7 which includes your first beer and each beer refill is $5," said Green.

There will be four three-hour Wind Down events throughout the summer that will focus on not just adults but the whole family.

"We are just hoping for more of a street atmosphere and really a family atmosphere," said Green.

The first Wind Down event will be this Friday at 6 p.m. with a street festival theme.



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