Fellow commissioner accuses three county employees of ethics violations

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - It's a battle of the commissioners in Washington County.
Late last week, county officials revealed that Commissioner Jeff Cline is filing an ethics violation against three officials.
Commissioner Leroy Myers, Wayne Keefer and recently appointed County Administrator Rob Slocum will face a five-member ethics board in the next coming weeks.
Cline is alleging that the three officials committed a conflict of interest, but he declined to expand on the alleged offense.
Our investigation into the matter shows that the complaint dates back to a meeting the three officials had with Lanco-Pennland, the owner and operator of a dairy plant in Hancock that is looking to expand.
In order to do this, environmental officials said Hancock's sewer system would need to be upgraded.
Myers' company, Myers Building Systems, previously did work for Lanco-Pennland, but the commissioner went on record saying that his business no longer had a relationship with the company.
Slocum told WHAG that transparency is extremely important. In an email, he said:
“Transparency and staff integrity are extremely important to me as is timely customer service. Having first met Lanco-Pennland on June 1 of this year, I am new to this project. However, the work performed by staff to date and now with me, is part of our job as Washington County employees. Upon request from business, elected officials or citizens, staff makes every effort to engage in useful and productive discussion. As a result of the June 1 meeting and staff efforts to date, the company has been provided with a summary of potential funding assistance from various state agencies, most of which require local support. The county remains engaged with this company, other companies and the state to attract, retain and grow jobs in Washington County.”
The ethics violations allegations are the latest in the string of scandals to engulf Washington County.
Assistant County Administrator Sarah Lankford accused Commissioner Myers of sexual harassment in May, and over the weekend, documents were released claiming that an employee of the Division of Environmental Management was discriminated against due to his veteran status.
Commissioner Myers and Keefer could not be reached by calls or email.

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