Incident at Hagerstown Family Diner leaves one man injured, two others in jail

Two Hagerstown residents charged after physically assaulting a manager

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Two Hagerstown residents are being charged with robbery after allegedly assaulting a manager at the Hagerstown Family Diner.  
According to court documents, 34-year-old Joseph Uddin and 27-year-old Brittainy Yeakle were charged with robbery and second-degree assault, amongst other charges.
On Thursday night, police responded to an incident at the Hagerstown Family Diner. Upon arrival, they spoke with a manager who informed them that he had been assaulted by two suspects after telling them to leave the establishment.
Court documents also state that, during the incident, the two suspects stole a knife out of the manager's pocket, after he fell to the ground. He was left with a dislocated knee.
Both suspects are currently being held at the Hagerstown Detention Center. 

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