Lowe's Pro Event comes to Hagerstown

Vendors and the public were invited for free food and community fellowship

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Free food and fun for all ages are just a few of the ways Lowe's said ‘thank you’ to its vendors and customers.
Lowe's on Shank Farm Way in Hagerstown hosted it's annual Pro Event, welcoming the public and vendors for a day of free food and community.
With almost 80 vendors and 1,500 visitors, Lowe's was the place to be. The Pro Event hosted groups ranging from the State Police and fire companies to monster trucks and bounce houses.
“This is a great event. We like to have it annually. Obviously, it's a time where we can get all of our vendors together, the community together, a lot of partnerships we've developed, get everybody together and just have a great time,” said Derrick McGuire, Lowe's Store Manager.  
The Pro Event is also an opportunity to honor those who serve; Charles Timbrook owns the Black Out Truck, a moving memorial to veterans.
“This truck was built to honor our brothers and sisters who never came home [as well as] our veterans, our active, our police officers that die in the line of duty [and] our firefighters. It's kind of a memorial honoring them, because their sacrifice is what gave us our freedom,” remarked Timbrook.
The Hagerstown Pro Event is the largest in the East Coast and took place from 11:00 a.m. in the morning to 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon.
Lowe's Pro Events are a yearly event so make sure to come on out next year and enjoy the fun.

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