Neighbors of murder victim urge city of Hagerstown officials to 'pay attention'

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Cries of “We love you Mickey! Rest in peace boy,” were echoed through the streets of West Church Street on Wednesday night.

Earlier that morning, Dazon Deangelo "Mickey" Dyson, 28, was allegedly stabbed to death by someone he called his friend, 49-year-old Anthony Jerome Webb.

"He was a great person. I looked up to him as a big brother because whenever I needed something he would always give it to me,” said David Robinson, one of Mickey’s many friends in the neighborhood. 

He was piecing together a life that had been fragmented at times, but was back on track. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, what police believe started as a fight between friends, turned deadly.

Not even 24 hours after he was murdered, his family, friends and neighbors came together to remember Mickey as the person he was, and not another statistic of what they call the hood.

"I worry about my life because like, you know what I mean, I'm still young, and all the activities that go on out here -- you know what I’m saying,” Robinson said.

Residents of West Church Street said the tragedy was the product of a city block that officials largely ignore.

"They just really need to pay attention more. They need to look really into the community. This community is really messed up. We really need help,” Robinson said.

Members of the community said their kids are starving, drugs are poisoning their young men and women and a cycle of poverty is leaving people in Hagerstown's lower income neighborhoods without hope, which breeds bad decisions.

"The mayors, everybody, they should be held accountable for this. I'm not gonna talk too much, but that wall that you painted for $100,000, that's wrong. We need it right here in the hood,” one of the vigil attendees said during the ceremony.

In the aftermath of Mickey’s murder, the residents of West Church Street are inviting city officials to visit their neighborhood and join their fight.

"No matter what color, anything. There are kids out here. Little youngins, they don't want to see this,” he said.
In this pain they hope to find purpose.

Mickey was known to mow his neighbors’ lawns for free. He said he just liked the feeling of helping others.


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