One woman has followed her dreams and has opened a new horse riding facility in Washington County

The Vixen Hollow Equestiran Center is popular among horse riders locally

SMITHSBURG, Md. - When you go to Smithsburg you will find Caitlin Kuczynski at the Vixen Hollow Equestrian Center. The facility is 48 acres with 13 horses.

“The barn is basically a place in the area for people to come for true competitive goals,” said Kuczynski.

At the center people have the chance to work and train with their horses for competitions. Some of Kuczynski’s students say having the barn is great because they now have somewhere local to train in Washington County.

“Since this barn came here, it's ten minutes from my house to here and it's just been a great opportunity  because I could literally walk here if I had to, so I don't have to drive an hour or half an hour to get to my other barn,” said Sophie Baker, a student at Smithsburg High School.  

Kuczynski has been riding horses ever since she was 4-years-old and competes in three day eventing. She says if she would’ve had access to a barn like hers earlier, it might have made her more advanced.

“If I would of have had something like this in the area coming up through, I wonder if I might have started achieving these big goals that I have for myself a bit sooner. Now as a 28 year-old, I’m fighting to get up to those levels and I wish I a maybe would've had a sooner start to it,” said Kuczynski.

Kuczynski also likes the fact she has the chance to help promote the sport and give the youth a chance to learn it.

“These girls in my barn are all wonderful riders and their athletes and their competitive and go for the gold and it's great because I stand on the ground and I can stand on the ground and teach them and correct them,” said Kuczynski.

“Caiti is living my dream, this is what I want to do with my life, so being able to have the opportunity to work here everyday and be around horse,” said Natalie Cowdrick, from North Hagerstown High School.  

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