There is a new training site at the Volvo Group North America's Hagerstown's facility

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - There is now a new training site at the Volvo group North America's Hagerstown location.

The Mack Trucks Academy and Volvo Trucks Academy are now open and are being used to train personnel from Mack and Volvo dealerships. The Hagerstown facility will regularly host technicians, parts and service personnel from dealerships from all across the country. The participants will learn the skills necessary to become master level technicians, service administrators and parts professionals.

“And now as our customers come to see the great product that we're building and the employees who are building them, they can also see that we're training our technicians, so that when the vehicles are in the field they're getting the best service that they can get,” said Belinda Vinson, the communications manager.

The new training site represents an investment of $750,000 and is just one of seven Mack and Volvo training facilities in North America.

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