Matching Underwear?

More funny stories from work. 

I was on call yesterday.  In my practice, call days are pretty long. On a given call day, I might be responsible for making hospital rounds all morning (I may go to 3 or 4 different hospitals) and then work evening office hours as well. The evenings in the office are typically pretty busy and for some reason some of the sicker children seem to come at night.  Usually not a lot of time for chatting with the patients or their parents. 

The other night was a bit slower (maybe spring is finally here and all of those colds are going away!) and I was finishing up with a toddler who had been wheezing and was getting breathing treatments.  While waiting for her treatment to finish, her mother and I started talking and somehow got to the subject of funny things our mothers had said to us.  (I think because her own mother had told her that her daughter was wheezing because she hadnt been wearing a coat during the last cold snap. This is a myth).  

At any rate, I remember my own mother telling me during those teen years to always wear matching undergarments in case I got into an accident.  At the time it sounded a bit weird, but looking back now, it is kind of morose. I mean REALLY!!!   But I sometimes laugh out loud thinking about those words of wisdom. 

I saved the best line of this conversation for last.  This young mother, with her really cute 20 month old daughter in her lap, looks up at me and says, I bet I tell this one to just make sure she has underwear on when she goes out, who cares about the color!   

Talk about generations and the differences years can make! It continues to be all about perspective, right? 

The rest of the call night was easy as funny!  

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