- WHAG NEWS - Meritus Health and the American Red Cross teamed up for the first Meritus Blood Blitz on Friday. 

WHAG's Brittany Marshall was at the event Friday afternoon at the Robinwood Professional Center, where the Blood Blitz was in full swing. 

A lot of people attended the blood drive Friday to donate. Representatives from the Red Cross said at Noon they had 24 people donate so far, which amounts to about 11 pints of blood. But more donors were being processed. 

The blood drive started at 9:30 a.m. and residents had plenty of time to come out. The event ended at 7 p.m. Friday. The Blitz was created to receive blood donations during the summer, when the Red Cross says is the time they get the least amount of donations. 

"The summer months are such a down point with donations because people being on vacation, and you know schools not being open because schools are a big boost for us during the school year. So if we can do this over the summer, and get that 100 units of blood that would be a major help to our community," said Jami Eader, blood drive coordinator. 

Red Cross officials say every two seconds someone in America needs a blood transfusion, and they need all the help from the community to help patients who need it. They said some requirements to donate are you have to be 17-years-old, at least 110 lbs and in good health. 

"To give my blood, because I have not given it in over 20 years, and it makes you feel really really good and I feel really good about doing it for other people because I know that we need to give other people blood," said Colleen Henson, first donor on Friday. 

Organizers said they're also handing out food and prizes for all participants. 

Their goal for the Blitz is to have about 100 pints of blood, which requires about 135 people to donate. The Blitz is located at the Robinwood Professional Center off of Medical Campus Road in Hagerstown. 

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