Meritus Health's Fifth Annual Wine and Dine Event Supports Medication Assistance Program


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - One of the biggest issues Americans face nowadays is not having medical insurance to pay for their prescriptions.

In the four-state region, 14 percent of
Washington County residents do not receive any type of medical assistance.

"So many of our neighbors in Washington County go without the medication that truly is making their quality of life. It's very important," says Cassandra Latimer, Citi corporate sponsorship representative.

However, one local program has been helping many. Meritus Health's "Medication Assistance Program" has been making sure community members receive the care they need without worrying about costs.

"The Medication Assistance CEnter is a way for patients here in the county to become medication compliant meaning they're able to get their medication for free. No charge for processing, no charge for the meds," says Sid Gale, physician recruiter.

The program began in 2000 as a way to offer it to those who are not eligible for medicaid or state programs.

Patients go through a financial review before knowing if they are qualified to receive help or not.

"We don't really know what that's going to do when the Affordable Care Act is implemented in January and how it's going to affect us, but we don't feel that there's going to be a total coverage for patients," adds Gale.

$10,000 from the Citi corporate sponsorship was donated to the program, making a big difference in the quality of life amongst patients.

"It's to ensure that the Medication Assistance Program can continue to do its good work and can continue to provide those services for individuals who are really challenged," adds

They have become challenges many endure but no longer deal with, as they receive the proper healthcare theyneed.

Proceeds from the event went towards members of the community who are receiving help from the Medication Assistance Program.







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