Mike Rhodes: Getting Back Up On The Bike

Mike Rhodes:  Getting Back Up On The Bike

Motor sports have always been a part of the Rhodes family.  Mike Senior grew up riding motorcycles and dirt bikes, which eventually gave way to motocross racing at a track in Sharpsburg when he was a teenager.  Although Rhodes gave up competitive racing when he got married, his passion for motocross is something that he had always hoped to pass to his son, Mike Junior.

Like his father, Mike Junior, or Mikie as they call him around the track, had  love for motocross at a young age.  For years, both Rhodes trained on the track with one goal in mind--for Mike Senior to coach Mikie to become a professional motocross racer.

Then in 2005, everything changed.

Rhodes Senior was paralyzed from the waist down.  The two 10-inch bars and eight screws needed to rebuild his back forced him to trade his two wheeler for a wheelchair.  The one thing that the accident couldn't take away, however?  His bond with his son over their shared love of motocross.

But the bad news for the Rhodes family wasn't over quite yet.  In 2012, Rhodes Senior suffered an operating room mishap--he had to be twice revived during surgery and required multiple blood transfusions in the days that followed; causing him to be hospitalized for six months and for Mikie to miss regionals.

One year later, Rhodes Senior is finally healthy and back at the track by his son's side.  Not just as his coach, but as his riding partner as well.  Despite everything that they have been through, both Rhodes Senior and Junior cite one another as each other's strength and motivation to continue getting back up on the bike.

And Mike's dreams finally came true, riding together with his son towards a new beginning.

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