Mineral County High School Helping Out Typhoon Relief Effort


RIDGELEY, W.Va. - The recovery effort is continuing in the Philippines. Now, a Mineral County high school is helping out with heavy hearts, as one of their student's family was affected by the storm.

The past couple of weeks have been a constant worry for Frankfort High School 11th grader and Philippines native Nikki Tagayuna, as he has been watching the news and trying to contact his family in the Philippines, affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

The good news is his family is alive, but they lost their homes and the family dog has died.

"My family is alright, it took us a while to contact them because of the typhoon," said Tagayuna. "It's basically like, electricity is off, the water and all that stuff."

Tagayuna said had the typhoon moved a couple miles the other direction, his family would have been killed.

"The island we lived in was right beside, that island that the eye of the typhoon struck, so it was still basically strong, but we are all right," said Tagayuna.

Now, the students of Frankfort High School are trying to help out Tagayuna's country. They are raising funds and donating to ShelterBox, a non-profit organization devoted to helping out disaster victims.

The students participated in "I'm zipping it for ShelterBox," where they were asked to maintain silence to honor the people of the Philippines, only talking when necessary in class. Students also donated at least $2.00

"I want our students to know that they are part of a global community, not just a community in West Virginia, and I found the fundraiser on the ShelterBox website," said Amy Cowgill, math teacher at Frankfort High School. "I thought this is something that our school would do."

The students feel the tragedy of one of their own.

"I think it is horrible. I think what they are going through is really tough for them," said Ellie Kenney, an 11th grader at Frankfort High School. "I can't imagine having to go through that myself."

"They have so many trials to deal with and it's very traumatic for them to have to deal with the problems that they are," said Logan Pfaff, a 12th grader at Frankfort High School.

The school raised more than $500 dollars for ShelterBox.

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