More People, Events and Animals at Ag Expo & Fair

- WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - There's just two days left of the 2014 Washington County Ag Expo and Fair, and there's still many new events to come.

The president of the fair, Sue Hull, said there's been about 30 percent attendance increase each day along. 

"Saturday and Sunday I think our gate attendance for general admission was almost 1,000 people more each day than Saturday and Sunday of last year," Hull said. 

Not only is there more people, but Hull said there's approximately 20 percent increase of different animals than the years before. Plus there is five additional rides at the carnival.
Frequent fair-goes, Walt and Eileen Lewis said they've been coming to the fair for more than a decade and think one add on is for the worst. 

"I think the carnival is taking over more so than the animals, it's just turned into a huge carnival now," Walt Lewis said. 

Eileen Lewis said though there are more events she still enjoys all the animals. 

"I love goats, next to dogs and cats, their my favorite animal and I would love to have one as a pet but I'm not in any position to have one since I live in a development," Eileen Lewis said.  

One contestant, Katie Collins, said this is her first year attending the fair and entering into one of the bunny competitions. 

"I really enjoy it, I like being around the animals and getting to see the people," Collins said. 

Though there's more people, more animals and more rides than ever before the president hopes people learn a lesson from it all.

"We hope that the general population, not our farming families, realize that the food on their table doesn't necessarily come from the grocery store or from Wal-Mart, that the roots of almost everything in their daily life come from agriculture," Hull said. 

The last day of the Expo and Fair is Saturday, July 26 and Hull said she hopes next years' fair has even more animals and events. 

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