More than 30 Cattle Stolen from Pa. Farm

- FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. - Pennsylvania State Police are investigating two unusual cases Sunday, after they said cattle was stolen from a family's farm in Greencastle.

Between August 20 and August 21, 2014, 18 different cows were taken from a barn off Quarry Road in St. Thomas Township. The owner of the farm, Barron Keefer, said nothing like this has happened to him before.

"We went to feed Thursday morning up there," Keefer said. "We noticed gates were moved and manure was put in different places it wasn't before, and there were just animals taken out of the pens."

The next day, the Keefer's other farm off Stonebridge Road in Antrim Township was broken into, and 14 bred heifers and one bull were taken.

Keefer said whoever it was, made out like a bandit.

"There would have been about 21 that would have been carrying a calf," Keefer said.

Keefer said total costs would be about $30,000 to $35,000 for all 33 cattle stolen.

Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Jason Cooley said this is very unusual and could be about money.

"Cattle prices are at an all time high, so they went out and steal them and liquidate them somehow," Cooley said.

Cooley said it's an ongoing investigation and PSP are being proactive.

Though the Keefer's lost a lot, they are keeping their heads held high.

"I hope the person gets caught. I don't expect to get them back, but I do hope they're caught and justice is done," Keefer said.

On top of the cattle, numerous tools were also taken, totaling $2,500.

Keefer said he now plans to install security systems at his farms.

If anyone has any information regarding the cattle theft call the Pennsylvania State Police in Chambersburg at (717)-264-5161.

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