Move Over Bill to Include Tow Trucks Unanimously Passes House

- MARYLAND - A bill to protect tow truck drivers on the roadside passed unanimously this week in the Maryland House of Delegates. 

The bill titled, Operation of Vehicle When Approaching a Tow Truck, passed Thursday and is an expansion of Maryland's Move Over Law. 

As you may recall, in June 2012 a Maryland State Trooper was hit by a tractor trailer. Trooper David Avila was on a traffic stop on Interstate-70 when he was hit by a tractor trailer driving too close. Police released dash-cam video of the accident. Thankfully, the trooper survived.

The Maryland Move Over Law states drivers must drop ten miles below the speed limit or move to the left, when an emergency vehicle is stopped on the shoulder. The new legislation requires drivers to move into an open lane away from low trucks attending to roadside emergencies, just as drivers must now do with approaching police and other emergency vehicles. 

Under Maryland's current law, tow trucks are not considered emergency vehicles. Violators would now face a fine of up to $500. 

The companion bill, Senate Bill 3, is under review by the Judicial Proceedings Committee. 

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