Movie Heroes Helping Save Frostburg Cinema 123

- FROSTBURG, Md. - The Frostburg Cinema 123 closed its doors on August 17, but thanks to Movie Heroes, a movie theater saving company out of California, their doors might just open again. 

According to Movie Heroes, signing up for a membership is what will ultimately help save the cinema. Keith Walker, founder of Movie Heroes, was in Frostburg Friday helping spread the word and get community members to sign up for memberships.

"Our company's name is Movie Heroes, but it's actually the members of the town that are heroes, they get to be the heroes. They get to choose to save the theater by signing up," Walker said. "It's risk free and they won't get charged until the doors actually open."

The general manager of the movie theater, Anne Rummel, said she's thankful for Movie Heroes help.

"If we don't get 2,000 people by the deadline then we will shut down and then we would have to go find some other option, another job, this is basically the last option for Frostburg Cinema 123 and we need the people to step up or it will just remain closed," Rummel said.  

Walker said there's more than 60 other theaters across the U.S asking for their help, but for now they are focusing all their attention on Frostburg.

One moviegoer, Stacey Utley-Bernhardt, said she thinks the memberships are a great solution.

"I think most importantly I signed up and have been really active in trying to help other people to sign up because I'm really intrigued in the subscription type service, it's innovative, it's different and it seems to really work and I'm hoping we get enough people to sign up that we can actually save the theater," Utley-Bernhardt said.

More than 160 people have signed up, but in order for the theater to open its doors again they need at least 2,000 by the deadline, September 14.

Friday, Rummel and Walker both announced they're lowering the price from $19.95 to $14.95 a month. 

Walker said there is no contract, it's a month-to-month thing and anyone can cancel at any time.

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