How To Stay Safe On Dual Hwy.

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Lisa Ruth Wellham, Lindsay Cyndle Eldessoky and Ashley Hoover.

All pedestrians who were fatally struck, or critically injured on the Dual Hwy. this past month.

"Obviously most of these accidents occurred at night. A lot of these people are walking on the sides of the roads at night, driving across the road way at night," said Trooper William Talbert of the Maryland State Police.

With the recent spike in fatalities on the Dual Hwy., safety officials are encouraging pedestrians and drivers a like to be more cautious.

"If you're going to be out walking at night or out riding your bike at night, we do recommend that you do wear some kind of reflective clothing and that you do obviously have the proper safety equipment on your bicycle," said Tpr. Talbert.

One of the fatal accidents on Dual Hwy. involved a victim wearing dark colored clothing when she was struck by a moving vehicle at around 3:50 AM., another reason to take heed and wear bright or reflective clothing if out on foot once the sun sets.

Officials at the Hagerstown barrack addressed some of the dangers of the Dual Hwy. after dark. The lack of illumination and crosswalks makes it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians.

"Pedestrians can be hard to see and the speed is a little high for people to be walking along that road anyway," said Krystal Gale, a regular Dual Hwy. driver.

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