Neighbors React to Wife Fatally Stabbing Husband

- ALLEGANY COUNTY, Md. -  Many neighbors said they're shocked to hear Jessyca Kimble, 28, stabbed her husband, Edward Kimble Tuesday evening.

The Allegany County Sheriffs Office said Kimble stabbed her husband with a steak knife after an argument escalated between the two. They said Edward Kimble stumbled across the street to a neighbor's house for help, where they then called 911. 

Ed Douglass lives in the neighborhood and said the Kimble's seemed like normal family. 

"If they walked by, or you walked by their place they would always speak, the kids would always want to come outside and play with the dog when I was walking him, but they seemed like just a real normal family," Douglass said.

"Word on this street is they had a lot of issues, he wasn't currently working and there were issues there," Douglas added.

Other neighbors reported seeing problems with the family, including disputes between the husband and wife. Neighbors also said the family home was recently foreclosed on.

"I don't know what the children are going to do, they're not going to have a mom or a dad," one neighbor, Susanne, said.

On Wednesday, police declined to say if there had been previous calls to the home.

Those close to the family said they are heartbroken.

Edward Kimble's body is at the State Medical Examiner's office in Baltimore for an autopsy.

The investigation continues and the Allegany County C3I Unit is now in control of the investigation.

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