New School App Helps Students Stay on Track


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Students at the Career Magnet School say they're glad the school district is catching up to their tech-savy generation.

"It’s useful for everyone to start getting a custom to technology in useful ways and not just wasting it like on Facebook or anything because soon the world will be running o
technology," said Suleika Carlo-Ramos, student.

The Chambersburg Area School District is implementing a new iPad and Android application that has everything the students need with just one touch.

Through the app students have immediate access to grades, school e-mails, assignments and even a news feed.  

"My favorite part of the app is that I can easily access my backpack or my email because all of the teachers email you for assignments, or if you are absent you can easily e-mail them and say hey I’m going to be missing in class can I make it up," said Carlo-Ramos.

And it’s a way of letting go of those many websites and passwords.

“I’m a very organized person and it's not confusing trying to remember what all the websites are and logging into everything and its all just right there," said Breanna Gipe, student.

The app is available for students in sixth through 12th grades and helps them stay on track inside and outside of the classroom.

“I love checking my grades. I am very keen on knowing what my grades are all the time, and I love that you are able to send yourself notifications if the grade goes up and if a teacher has graded anything,” said Gipe.

Next year, the school district wants to take this application to another level.

"We are making an app development course and eventually what we to do is, we want to give a lot of responsibility for updating and improving the app, and we kind of want to put that in the hands of the kids,” said Chris Barnabei, technology integrator and librarian.

But as of now, the students hope this app is here to stay.

“I think it will definitely stay around for a really long time,” said Gipe.

The school district wants to offer the application development classes during the 2014-2015 school year upon board approval.

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