New Wound Care Center at City Hospital

MARTINSBURG, WV - City Hospital opened its doors to a new wound care center on Monday and even before that date they already had appointments set up for 14 people.

"If you do have a wound that's been there longer than four weeks, there's something wrong,"
says Ginna Reep, Director of the Center for Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine. "A normal person, a normal body would heal in four weeks."

The new center has been four years in the making and features new exam rooms. Doctors can now treat chronic wounds right on the first floor of the hospital.

"Chronic wounds are wounds that don't heal after an appropriate period of time for a variety of reasons," says Doctor Robert Bowen, the Medical Director of the Center.

Bowen says these wounds can be due to diabetes or surgical wounds and different ulcers.  Medical staff say they also specialize in general surgery, infectious disease and gynecology.

"Often times we can just look at a wound and know exactly why it's not healing," says Reep. "Other times it takes us a little longer with some diagnostic testing, but we definitely have the expertise to know why these wounds haven't healed."

The Center also has a new hyperbaric machine to treat chronic wounds. Doctor Bowen says it blasts 100 percent oxygen at high pressure to the wounds allowing them to heal faster and more completely.

"We can be the difference in getting back to a normal life," says Reep. "We can also be the difference between having your leg and having an amputation."

To make an appointment at the new Wound Care Center you can dial (304) 264-1314.

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