Frederick County Public High Schools Maintain High Grad Rates

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Maryland high schools are ranking above the curve when it comes to graduation rates. According to the national survey "Building a Grad Nation," 84 percent of Maryland high school students graduated in four years whereas the national average was 80 percent of students.

"Its unreal and I'm so excited to be going to college next year," said Lucy Bainbridge, a Frederick County 2014 graduate who will be attending McDaniel college.

Frederick County is no different when it comes to high graduate rates. In 2013 the Maryland annual report card found that 93 percent of students received their diplomas in four years, a percent jump from 2012.

"Frederick County public schools has always had a strong graduation rate but its because our schools work so hard in getting students through to the grad ceremony," said Larkin Hohnke, instructional director for Frederick County public schools.

For Fahad Sayed, this moment is particularly special. The 2014 graduate arrived in the U.S. from Bangladesh five years ago and then became fluent in the english language shortly after.

"It's unbelievable that I'm graduating after 4 years of high school. Since im not from here so its going to be a real good experience," said Sayed.

The Frederick County public school system offers a unique program in which students who can't attend normal school hours can follow along with their classmates through a virtual school. The online program also offers study aids for students interested in college.

"We're always very proud of the numbers and product at the end of four years in the county and in general and I'm always glad to see students and families recognizing the importance of a high school diploma and what that means for their student's future," said Kathleen Schlappal, principal of Tuscarora high school in Frederick, Md.

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