29th Annual Salute to Independence Concert


SHARPSBURG, Md.- People started gathering hours before the 29th annual Salute to Independence concert at Antietam National Battlefield on Saturday. The event is hosted by the Maryland Symphony Orchestra.

"It's (about) coming out with family," said Gene Farmer, an attendee. "Being in this great country, the flag, and all the support we have from all the military troops."

More than 20,000 people were in attendance. People from all over of all ages look forward to the event and say they love the concert and time with family

"It's remembering what happened and being with friends and family and remembering what our forefathers did years ago," Farmer added.

Another attraction is the fireworks show, which took place after the concert. People say they love the tradition and coming out to celebrate what Independence Day is really all about.

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