2nd Annual Samantha Kelly Memorial Benefit and Ride


WILLIAMSPORT, Md. - The 2nd Annual Memorial Benefit and Ride took place Sunday in honor of Samantha Kelly. The 17-year-old died in a car accident on her way home from prom at Williamsport High School in May 2012.

"It's a nice day to help us," said Jonna Vinci, Samantha's mother. "It just brings us up and it's more of an honor than feeling so sad."

"The more we get her name out there and the more events we have, the more people are going to remember what kind of great person she was," said Jack Kelly, Samantha's brother.

Kelly was a standout volleyball and tennis player at Williamsport, and proceeds from the event go towards her memorial fund.

"We supply athletic girls from Williamsport with scholarships for $1,000," Vinci added. "We will renew that until they graduate from college."

The goal is to raise enough money to open a sports complex in the area in honor of Kelly. About 250 bikers participated in the event and took a ride throughout Williamsport. One stop in particular was at Kelly's grave to honor the teenager.

"We're all good people," said Joe Young, a biker who participated in the event. "We're all the same people. We love kids, we love anything that has to do with raising money for big things and people. We're all one big family."

"We want Samantha's memory to always be alive," Vinci added. "With the fund, with the scholarships and the community, that helps make that possible."

Participants were also given a lunch at the event, and a silent auction was also held along with raffles for people to win prizes.

If you want to donate to Samantha Kelly's Memorial Fund, or find out more information, you can click here.

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