911 Operators Prepping For Major Move

FREDERICK, MD - Frederick County Emergency Services is currently operating out of its backup center, as its headquarters are renovated and expanded.

"We're really planning for the future as we know the increase continues and as the population increases, the traffic volume increases, we know that the calls will increase," says director Chip Jewell.

Like many dispatch centers, they've also switched over to digital, to help handle the 150,000 emergencies they now deal with in a year.

The digital system means better sound quality, better coverage of the area and better response for public safety.

The 18.3 million dollar project involved building new towers, and it's closed communication gaps.

"You know, your mountains and terrain certainly affect the radio system, but overall the system has been a vast improvement," says Jewell.

More improvements: the renovated center will also house Frederick Police Department communications, putting all the county's public safety agencies in operation under one roof.

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