About 18-percent of Jefferson Co. Voters Head to Polls

JEFFERSON COUNTY, WV - Voter turnout in Jefferson County was better than expected Tuesday. The county clerk was hoping at least 10-percent of registered voters would make their way over to the precincts, but that number turned out to be almost double.

With the mix of rain, primary elections in Jefferson County appeared to be slow.

"Talked to a few people and they said 'Oh I forgot,' and I know when it rains it usually means a lower turnout so now there weren't a whole lot of people in there right now," says Jody Kilmer.

But despite the weather, more than 18-percent of registered voters made their way to one of the 32 precincts.

"I think the people who are very concerned about the elections are going to come out regardless of the weather," says Jennifer Maghan, Jefferson County Clerk.

More ballots were cast in the Democratic party, possibly because of the closely-watched Sheriff's race between incumbent Sheriff Bobby Shirley.

"I'm happy with me being me. I'm happy with the citizens of Jefferson County as I'm one of them and I believe in the people and I think they will make the right choice," says Bobby Shirley, Jefferson County Sheriff.

With more than 60-percent of the votes, Shirley took the Democratic nomination.

"It's what the people decided and I'll sleep well tonight and you haven't heard the last from me. I'll be back again," says Ed Boober, Jefferson County Sheriff candidate.

Sheriff Shirley was at the courthouse earlier Tuesday. He was smiling and beaming as people were congratulating him for his win.

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